We believe…

  • In the one Almighty God, Creator of heaven, earth, sea, and all that is therein;
  • In the Holy Trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
  • That God does not change;
  • That God the Son (Jesus-Christ) became man by His birth from Mary, was crucified, and has risen on the third day, and has returned to heaven where He sits and reigns in the Right Hand of the God Father;
  • That no one comes to God the Father, except through Jesus-Christ;
  • That Jesus is the head of the Church;
  • That God sent the Holy Spirit to men after Jesus returned to heaven, and that He is still with us, and will remain until Jesus-Christ returns;
  • That the Holy Spirit helps man understand the Word of God, find the way to Jesus, and overcome the difficult end times.
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