• Proclaim the full gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Encouraging and promoting the manifestation of apostolic signs (salvation, healing, liberation)
  • Encouraging the believers to receive baptism in the Holy Spirit and the fire of God.
  • Conducting Bible teaching, evangelism and missionary work.
    Conducting seminars and broadening of materials, such as tracts, study material, CDs, videos and more.
  • Conducting Christian concerts, lectures, and children’s programs.
    Missionary missions, sending and supporting missionaries and evangelists, as well as
  • Implementation of national and international diaconal and humanitarian aid at home and abroad.
  • Establishment, building and maintenance of a community characterized by a New Testament.
  • Cross-confessional cooperation with other Biblical communities.
    Implementation of national and international youth welfare and leisure activities.
  • Social assistance for needy people, especially the homeless and the orphans.
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